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What is the 'Preserving Deciduous Teeth Network'?

The Preserving Deciduous Teeth Network (PDTN) is an initiative that aims at creating a nationwide network of people contributing their children's shed deciduous teeth. The collected teeth will be examined to determine the concentration of Strontium-90 deposited within them.

What for do we preserve deciduous teeth?

1) As a result of the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant accident large amounts of artificial radioactive materials were released into the environment, one of which is Sr-90. To date no surveys have been conducted to determine Sr-90 levels that have been absorbed into the human body. However, this can be achieved by measuring concentrations of Sr-90 in deciduous teeth.

2) This project is to protect the lives and the health of the children. Based on the results of our surveys we will determine the occurrence/levels of radiation exposure and analyse the health effects induced by it. The findings will be used to make our recommendations to the citizens, the Japanese Government and municipalities.

3) In order to properly investigate the health effects on the children, our surveys need to be comprehensive and cover the whole country.

Please help us by donating the shed teeth.
Thank you!

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